Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for a session?

It is helpful to set intentions before a session.  Think about or write  down what you would like addressed and what you hope to accomplish.  It’s important to know the energy goes where it is needed first.  So you may not even know something needs to be addressed, but it will pop up before something you think is very important.  Please drink water before the session so you are completely hydrated to be a clear channel of energy.


Do I have to see you in person?

No!  I can connect to you from anywhere.  You have a personal frequency, just like a television channel, and I just have to tune into that channel.  We can talk over the phone, do FaceTime, or Zoom.  I will call you at the start of our session.


How does healing occur?

All healing is self healing, I am just the facilitator.  How it works is, your inner being makes the choice to accept the healing/miracles. It’s important to know that you may not heal in the environment which made you sick.  Physical symptoms are often manifestations of repeated thought patterns and emotions.  So if a bad relationship creates negative emotions that manifest as cancer over time, the cancer may not leave until the relationship is left.


How do you get your information?

When I connect with a person, I feel in my own body where things need to be addressed.  Sometimes I see visions, but usually I just feel and know what needs to be done.  I use a technique called muscle testing to ask for more information from your subconscious mind to give me answers about what needs to be released in order to create healing.  I always ask my angels and your angels to help with the healing and they will give me information when it is needed as well.

How many sessions will I need?

This is very subjective to the client. I always begin the first session by clearing out what I call the “heart wall,” as I believe that all healing and miracles occur from the heart space. The goal is to NOT treat you for a long period of time.  The goal is to remove any blockages/negative energy and teach you how to manifest your heart’s desires so you don’t have to do healings forever.


When will I see results?

You should start seeing and feeling results immediately for acute issues.  It may take additional sessions for chronic or complex issues.  Each client is different, but my hope is that you feel at least some improvement after the first session.


Will I feel anything during the healing?

Most of my clients say they feel a warm, tingling sensation during healing sessions.  This is this universal life force/God energy that I am transferring through your body to create healing.  It is also very common to see colors, feel hot or cold, or feel emotional.  That is all the energy moving and shifting, and it’s a good thing.


Should I do anything after the healing session?

It is important to drink lots of water to flush out your system.  If your body feels tired, honor that and rest.  You may have symptoms of “purging” out negative energy like sneezing, yawning, burping, or even bowel movements.  This is all normal.