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Magic Money is a 22-module, self-guided course that helps you remember your birthright to prosperity and abundance.  Money is simply an energy exchange, and when we clear out old programming and energetic blockages, we become a magnet to wealth.  This course offers the opportunity to do deep self healing alongside me as I demonstrate how I do my own personal shadow work, provide journal prompts, and perform guided Theta healing meditations in every lesson.  

Here is the current list of modules:

  1. Finding Gratitude
  2. Clearing Unworthiness
  3. Physical Healing
  4. Clearing Self Sabotage
  5. Clearing Fear of Scarcity
  6. Clearing Fear of Success
  7. Clearing Fear of Rejection
  8. Clearing Blame
  9. Cleaning Up Your Financial Mess
  10. Decluttering to Make Space for Abundance
  11. Letting Go of Attachments and Expectations
  12. Clearing Inferiority Complexes
  13. Clearing Indecision
  14. Open Up to Receiving
  15. Getting Clear on Your Values About Money
  16. Stepping Into Your Power
  17. Creating Energetic Boundaries
  18. Creating Your Future Self
  19. Creating Abundance from the Frequency of Joy
  20. Clearing Fear of the House of Cards
  21. Final Healing Meditation for Cellular Integration
  22. My Gratitude for YOU!!

Not sure if you’re ready to invest in Magic Money? Click HERE to watch a brief video on how it works! Then, start manifesting!

What clients are saying:

I just finished Jamie Cressend’s Magic Money course, and all I can say is WOW! This is not like other money manifestation courses I’ve connoisseured. While the type of journal prompts were all a review for me, the guided healings and clearings were on a whole other level than anything I’ve experienced before. This is the only program I’ve done where some of the rituals felt just as powerful (let alone more powerful) than some of the more intense rituals I’ve done on my own….which tells me that the course really does a great job of not just “teaching” mental concepts, but also demonstrating in real time how your own magick works when you channel it. I don’t believe I”ve ever manifested such immediate, tangible and MAJOR shifts while doing other programs. It’s possible that I got such fast and intense results in part because I have already been slowly integrating the types of concepts taught in this course for years… but even so, the fact that I’ve been struggling to integrate this for several years and finally felt a huge shift during this short program tells me this energy piece was probably the missing link. Multiple times in the course of the program, I had major emotional releases that cleared trauma on the spot, and energy calibrations that I felt intensely in my physical body. I really grateful to have gotten to take this course when I did. I know I”m now the the other side of an energetic doorway I’ve been striving to move through for a long time. If you haven’t yet dove into Magic Money, I highly recommend that you do! – Afura

I just won $100 on a lottery ticket…Can we say Magic Money?!! Jessica

Just received an unexpected $444 check in the mail before I even started the course. Your purchase button portal definitely works! Theresa

I feel like your course is more than about money.  It’s almost as if your modules are opening up some pathways I didn’t know I had because I get visions that only happen when I listen to your meditations.  Cyndi

The second I started the Magic Money program, I could already feel that my relationship to money had begun to shift.  The content is powerful and concrete.  I love that I can really let go in the meditations and just let the work be done without much efforting.  A money game changer!  Mary Julia

Jamie is so amazingly real in this course that it helped me not feel shame about my personal abundance blocks. Each module leads deeper into your blocks and the final module’s meditation is so magical and activating! Through her support I’ve manifested 2 amazing professional connections and I live with so much less fear about having enough money for things I want to do in life. I feel worthy to invest in myself!  Kristin

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