Jamie Cressend photoJamie is a physical therapist turned stay-at-home mom turned energy healer.  She is still a licensed physical therapist, but is also a certified ThetaHealer, Reiki Master, Life Coach for adults and children, Eye-Movement Integration practitioner, Zero-Point Activation practitioner, co-host of the Own Your Energy podcast, and creator of the Magic Money course.  Jamie has been able to read energy her whole life.  As a child, she would know what people were thinking and feeling, like empathy on steroids.  She would even take on people’s physical symptoms or pain to try to give them relief before knowing how to do energy healing.  When she was working as a physical therapist, patients would come in with mystery conditions that doctors couldn’t help or figure out.  She would know instantly as they were talking to her what the problem was and how it could be fixed.  Little did she know, there were “helpers” from beyond giving her advice and answers.  Taking on other people’s ailments and negative energy eventually took a toll her body.  Jamie started experiencing her own mystery symptoms that doctors were unable to diagnose.  After 10 years of going down the Western medicine rabbit hole, she had exhausted all her options.  Her “helpers” guided her towards energy healers who helped her heal and subsequently taught her how to do what they do.  As it turns out, this was Jamie’s purpose all along.  It was shown to her as a child, she just needed to find her way.  She also shown on her journey how to break free from the debt slavery system by removing old financial programming and energetic blockages.  After manifesting large sums of money from seemingly nowhere, she realized she was being taught something that needed to be shared with others.  Upon observing common themes in herself and her clients, she developed the content for her Magic Money course. She believes freedom and abundance are our true birthrights, and everyone deserves to experience that!  Helping people has always been her passion, and she is so excited to help clients along their healing journeys and watch them become the best versions of themselves.